Explanation of Renters Insurance Post Hurricane Sandy

Anyone who has watched the recent news about Hurricane Sandy can probably guess at how New York City residents who have renters insurance are appreciative. This valuable insurance covers the contents of a home or apartment that is being rented. Many New York City residents have just learned a valuable lesson about New York City renters insurance and Hurricane Sandy.

The recent natural disaster in New York City made many residents appreciate the renters insurance for New York that they had previously purchased. While relatively cheap, renter’s insurance covers all of the contents of a home or apartment. Furniture, jewelry, electronics, clothes, and even the food in the refrigerator can all be replaced by making a claim on a renter’s insurance policy, subject to policy limits and deductibles

Renter’s insurance covers the loss of these items in the case of a natural disaster such as Hurricane Sandy, but it also covers them if they are stolen, lost, or damaged in certain instances. For example, during the hurricane many New York renters had the windows in their apartment blown in and some or all of their items damaged by the high winds and water that came into their residence. After the storm, many more New Yorkers lost items to the extended power outage or from crime events that took place.

Fortunately, all of these events are covered under most renter’s insurance in NYC. For those with New York renter’s insurance, a single phone call made to the insurance company started the claims process. An adjuster estimated the value of the items that were lost or damaged, and a check to cover the value of these items was issued within a few weeks. This allowed the people with renter’s insurance to purchase replacement items and/or have their property fixed. For just a few dollars a month, they were able to get back to their normal lives with very little interruption, despite the harshness of the storm.

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