Things That Make You Hard To Insure: Home Insurance

New York Home Insurance DangersI came across this article on Yahoo! (link to the article at the end) on certain things that might make you and your home hard to insure; or you may be declined coverage from companies. Here are the different factors that could contribute to an insurer rejecting your coverage.

  • Potential Hazards: Anything that can be labeled as potentially dangerous such as an unfenced swimming pool, especially ones with diving boards or a water slide. Even things like a trampoline could be considered potentially dangerous by an insurance company
  • Unsafe Conditions: If your neighborhood has a higher crime rate or your home is old (at risk of fires) your policy might cost a lot more or even be denied coverage. It would be wise to make sure your insurer knows that your home is well maintained and you have used fire-resistant materials to build your home
  • Mean Pets: Some pets (such as an unfriendly dog or a pack of dogs) could be deemed dangerous or liability by the insurer, which could increase the price you have to pay for your coverage or deny coverage outright

There are a few more points made in the article, click here to view the article on Yahoo! Finance.

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